Orange Color: Different Shades, Meaning

Orange is one of the brightest colors you will observe in our environment. We do not see it much, but when we spot it around, we instantly feel a burst of joy within us. It is a blend of the yellow and red colors, promoting a touch of life and joy.

White Color: Different Shades, Meaning

White is the purest and cleanest color you will see. Think about it – whenever we see something white, we have the natural urge to keep it neat. It emits a natural aura of cleanliness, and the vibrance of this color is not overpowering compared with the other colors of the spectrum.

Purple Color: Different Shades, Meaning

Purple is a combination of red and blue. Thus, it has the traits of both these colors- the fierceness of red and calmness of blue. The purple color reveals something, related to ambition, nobility and royalty. Moreover, it also represents wisdom, grandeur, dignity, creativity, devotion, pride, peace and mystery.

Pink Color: Different Shades, Meaning

Pink has positive implications to most of us. This color represents love, romance, feminine, charming, sweet, playful and cute. As it is the symbol of love, it also denotes harmony, friendly, approachability and inner peace. Most of the little girls become attracted to pink. There is nothing threatening and intimidating with this pink color.

Red Color: Different Shades, Meaning

As one of the radiant colors, yellow can easily attract our attention. In nature, we can find the color in sunflower, lemon, daffodils and canaries. Yellow symbolizes optimism and creativity. Egyptians and Hindus relate yellow to their deities and religious activities. In the real world, yellow traffic lights indicate caution.

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